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Leaders in location aware mobile marketing technology

The Process

How it Works

Spectre Marketing Technology Solutions (Spectre) uses existing Wi-Fi networks and installs low energy Bluetooth devices (Beacons) in distinctive retail and conference environments throughout the world and uses these networks as indoor triangulation for consumers and businesses.  This network allows for Passive and Active consumer interactions with end users using their mobile devices.


CG is a tool which interacts directly with your clients, providing a platform to obtain and share information about your conference, schedule, map and options; with the ability to obtain information from conference exhibitors and participants. It is an effective way of communicating and understanding your conference and exhibitors participants through collecting data on their behavioural patterns, interaction with exhibitors and conference events and movement patterns.


HTG is a tool which interacts directly with your clients, providing a platform to share information about your showhome and its features with the ability to tailor the researching and buying experience of a customer. It is an effective way of communicating with your potential customer while collecting data on purchasing behaviors and overall point of sale experiences.

What is the difference between Passive versus Active?

Passive Interaction

Passive interaction is when a consumer does not register either themselves or their mobile device
on the Wi-Fi network or low energy Bluetooth devices however; by capturing the ID broadcast by their device and locating where it shows up in the network and for how long, their movements can be inferred.  Passive interaction affords businesses the opportunity for limited communication with consumers via the Wi-Fi or low energy Bluetooth network.  Passive interaction limits the full capability of live and up to the minute ​proximity location features.

Active Interaction

Active interaction is when a consumer registers themselves and their mobile device onto the Wi-Fi or low energy Bluetooth network.  Active interaction affords the retail businesses or conference the opportunity to communicate with consumers via the network and provide live proximity location status.

Our Partners

Spectre believes in developing selective alliances with other organizations that have a business/technological solution that will compliment and improve Spectre’s existing business and provide a more robust and complete solution for our customers.


CoreData is a Calgary based engineering company that focuses on software development that have a specific functional requirement, web and database application, automation engineering, control system software and basic applied Artificial Intelligence and knowledge rule sets across various industries such as Oil and Gas to commercial real estate to Healthcare.

About Us

Spectre Marketing Technology Solutions (Spectre) was founded in 2013 with a strong comprehension in conference and retail environments. Our company is able to develop a marketing road map utilizing revolutionary technologies that lead to enriched consumer data collection and provides insight into customer behaviors. Our objective is to improve your client marketing by providing tools to reach out to customers in a way not traditional and grow your return on investment.

Brian Stinn

Co-founder of Spectre Marketing Technology Solutions, he has been the driving force behind exploring and pushing the envelope in finding ways of integrated advertising/marketing solutions between consumers and retailers/conferences as a whole through mobile solutions. His driving force is backed by over a decade of being a successful entrepreneur in the structural steel industry.

Allan Toy

Co-founder Spectre Marketing Technology Solutions, he has been the sounding board to his co-founder and provides additional insights into marketing, retail and business trends. He has worked within the retail environment for over two decades in retail including grocery, fashion and loyalty rewards in a variety of business roles ranging from process efficiencies to marketing and database analytics. His educational background has been grounded in business with a diploma in Business Administration with honours, degree in Business Management, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Consulting.

Marc Mousseau
Chief Information & Technology Officer

With nearly two decades of IT experience and leadership including technology strategy, direction and execution, Marc brings expertise ranging from software development to enterprise architecture to IT operations and outsourcing. This expertise was honed at companies across North America as diverse as Suncor, Altalink, Compucom, Xinet and Fujifilm.

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